“Oh my God, what should I eat from now on?”

This is probably the first question coming into the mind of people who had just found out they can’t have wheat, dairy or eggs anymore. All they can see is a big question mark appearing in front of their eyes and their next thought is what to have for breakfast tomorrow.

They go to the shops, buy free–from products and are surprised at their price that is much more than of regular food. After some time they start thinking how could the costs be lowered. It would be good if they could prepare at least some free–from food by themselves.

Some of these people live with more than one type of food intolerance. Instead of gleaning the ingredients of pre–made products every time, they would love to replace them with home made food surely free from ingredients they can’t have.

These are the problems I’d like to help you cope with.

My name is Susie, I am in the same shoes: I have gluten, dairy, egg and yeast intolerance. Additionally, I can only have corn and potatoes rarely, in small amounts.

I know how much experimenting it takes to make a tasty and bread–looking bread, or a delicious non–dairy milk.

My goal with this blog is not only sharing recipes but also to provide useful information about the basics of making free–from food in order to help other people to save time and money.

All of my recipes are free from gluten, dairy, egg, refined sugar and yeast. Most of them are free from corn, potatoes and soy as well.

Should you just start eating free from gluten, corn, dairy or eggs, and need some information that helps understanding what ingredients and how to use to make free–from food, or if you are experienced in that but would like to try new recipes, your are welcome on my blog!