Homemade almond milk

If you’d like to froth your non–dairy milk, almond milk is one of the best choices. It is made the same way as hazelnut milk.

Makes about 1.1 litre.

Homemade almond milk


  • 150 g raw almonds
  • 9 dl water plus some more for soaking (see below)
  • a pinch of salt
  • sweetener and cinnamon to taste.

I usually use 2.5 tsp of a sweetener that is 4 times sweeter than sugar and 1/3 tsp of cinnamon.


  1. Soak the almonds overnight. Place them in a pot and add as much water that just covers the nuts. They will absorb the water and plump out a bit.
  2. The next morning add 1 dl of water to the almonds and blend using a hand-held blender to reach a creamy texture. Then add the remaining water and blend again.
  3. Strain the mixture using a cheese cloth or a nut milk bag.

If you use a cheese cloth, the liquid can easily run out of it. To avoid this, I use this technique:

I place a strainer on a pot. (I use a strainer that fits over the pot.) Into the strainer I place a 25×25 cm (10×10 inches) size cheese cloth. The strainer holds the cheese cloth so that it won’t slip into the pot.

Here’s a photo:

I place a few spoonful of almond milk into the cheese cloth using a soup-ladle. Some of the almond milk will filter out of the cheese cloth in a few seconds. Then, to get all of the almond milk out, I gather the cheese cloth around the almond meal and gently twist it. I take the leftover almond meal out of the cheese cloth. This can be the basis of home made almond flour.

  1. Add sweetener and cinnamon to the almond milk and blend well (optional).

Store the almond milk in the fridge for up to four days. Shake or stir it well before each use.

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