Overnight oats

The secret of good overnight oats is to use the right kind of oats. Use rolled oats to reach a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Many different brands are available in the shops but not all of them are gluten free. Make sure you use a gluten free brand.

Some gluten intolerant people have to avoid oats as well. If you are one of them, try my overnight quinoa recipe!

overnight oats gluten free breakfast

Ingredients (for 1 adult serving):

50 g gluten free rolled oats

60 ml roasted, unsweetened almond milk (I used this)

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

sweetener to taste (I usually use 1 tsp of xylitol. If your body is not used to xylitol yet, use an other sweetener, since xylitol can have a laxative effect when consumed in larger amounts.)

For the topping:

apple, soaked and drained raisins and chopped walnuts



  1. Mix rolled oats, cinnamon and sweetener in a small bowl or wide mug. (Overnight oats is usually made in a jar, but I prefer to make it in a small bowl or wide mug, for the ingredients can be mixed more thoroughly, so flavors mingle better.)
  2. Add almond milk and mix well.
  3. Cover the bowl/mug with a small plate and put it in the fridge overnight. Until next morning oats will soak the almond milk and become soft but not soggy.
  4. Next morning stir it up a bit and add more sweetener if needed. Top it with apple slices, soaked, drained raisins and chopped walnuts.

Enjoy 😊

You can make this recipe with any other fruits, e.g. it’s really tasty with sour cherry as well!

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